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Have You Missed Your Divine Appointment?

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

It was a gorgeous Sunday drive to La Jolla. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning. The sun was beaming, the birds singing, and the beach was dotted with surfers, sightseers, and sun worshippers.

I was a first-time visitor at a church service. The congregants were attentive, the message uplifting, and the choir radiated with joy. And toward the end of the service, we stood for the doxology.

As I prepared to leave, I noticed something small and dark underneath the pew in front. It was a checkbook with a driver’s license and credit card stuffed inside. The lady in front didn’t drop it, and the people behind directed me to the admin office.

They had never seen me before, yet they didn’t think twice about me with someone’s private information. I made my way to the office and turned it in to the staff.

Pretty rudimentary, right?


Maybe not…

Because I believe I was there by Divine Appointment. Similar to being the Chosen One. Someone hand-picked to perform a certain task.

Some of you are scratching your head–so let’s review the facts:

1) It was my first and only visit to that church.

2) Being late, I had to sit where there was an opening.

3) No one else picked up the checkbook or volunteered to turn it in.

It was my task to see it through from beginning to end. Without any assistance. It even felt as if I was being tested.

And just as Luke Skywalker was the Chosen One to bring balance to the Force: How about you? Have you been chosen to participate in your Divine Appointment?

Are you supposed to fight the forces of evil without any weapon except your wit?

Are you supposed to raise five hungry children by yourself when you’ve lost your job?

Or are you supposed to become a filthy rich philanthropist but you can’t even qualify for a loan?

And after realizing how imposing your Divine Appointment may appear, do you pack your bags and run the other direction? Hoping never to attempt this difficult task. Quickly excusing yourself by thinking others are more qualified or more deserving than you.

History records the story of a man who didn’t like his Divine Appointment in the city of Nineveh. He bought a ticket to sail away in the opposite direction. Didn’t work.

It seems he got tangled in a storm, was thrown overboard, and was delivered to Nineveh. There he finished his task, but his heart was nowhere to be found.

What about you?

Have you been chosen to do something monumental? Something grand? Or maybe something more common and less newsworthy?

Maybe you’re already in the trenches and it’s becoming rather difficult. Time-consuming. Instead of praises–you get complaints. And instead of moving forward: you idle, or drift backwards.

Maybe you want to pass the torch to someone else. The Caribbean Cruise looks a lot nicer right about now. And tickets go on sale soon.

Who would know if you’d quit? Who would care? You could train someone more capable to replace you.

Well, I beg to differ…

When you reach the sunset of your life–you’d know. All of a sudden–you’d care. You’d start asking those “What if…” questions.

“What if I had stayed with my wife?”

“What if I had never cheated on my taxes?”

“What if I had gone to that seminar?”

“What if I had written that book?”

“What if I didn’t retire early?”

You can’t replay those moments again. Once they’re gone–they’re gone. So it’s vitally important to live in today’s moment and find out if you haven’t missed your Divine Appointment. And if you did, to figure out how to get back on course.

But don’t neglect the smaller appointments either…

Do you have special tasks you knew you should have performed? Were you supposed to walk the little old lady across the street, but didn’t? Were you supposed to hold the door open for strangers, but wouldn’t? Are you supposed to spend more time with your kids, but haven’t?

Your smaller appointments show the world what you’re made of. The stuff inside. The things that attract or repel the right people. The difference between doing well… and not so well.

The smaller appointments open your eyes to see the larger ones. Because if you dismiss those, you’ve already dismissed your Divine Appointment.

In retrospect, please ask yourself…

If you were shown your Divine Appointment – something you knew you were chosen to fulfill – would you begin your mission? Would you start, and then quit when it got a little too hot? Or worse, would you dismiss it and never start?

Ponder those thoughts, and until our next appointment you have my…

Rich blessings.

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Divine Openings – Change Your Life

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Imagine freedom from worry, fear and doubt. Imagine a life of joy, with less mind chatter and stories running about the past or predictions about the future? Imagine being at peace in each moment and consciously manifesting what you really do want in your life? It’s all possible now, through Divine Openings.

One year ago I had the pleasure to spend five days in communion with the Divine, Presence, within, in silence, talking to and being with God only. What unfolded for me was a release of old baggage, old hurts, feelings of being a victim and more than was apparent until some months later. I began to feel my feelings to a far greater degree than I had in some time. It all started with the purchase of the book, “Things Are Going Great in My Absence, How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting, by Lola Jones.” The book cautioned to go slowly as it could bring about profound shifts in your life as well as the pictures in it were infused with divine energy. I didn’t believe this to be true; that a book could have such an impact or that pictures could be infused with energy that is until I experienced my first divine opening from the first and subsequent pictures.

The experience of Divine Grace offered by receiving a Divine Opening was profound but I’m getting ahead of myself. When I was told about the book, I was at the point of recreating my life having ended a long term relationship and closed the chapter on a 12 year business. My inner world landscape was in transition as I was letting go of experiences and people that I no longer shared a common interest with and thus my outer world was the evidence of this transition, i.e. new home, new ways of interacting, and a new life unfolding. My attention was directed towards healing and getting to know myself better while asking within for a new way of being on the planet as a speaker, spiritual teacher and life coach. When I received the email about the book and purchased it, I knew in reading the sample chapters, I had received my answer. The teachings were the same I had taught for twelve years and brought to mind the teachings of Esther who channels Abraham and the Law of Attraction but with a super charged energy (Divine Openings) which, from the start, changes your life.

The energy of divine grace flows through your entire being, to your cells, molecules, your DNA, your brain and begins to create an energetic shift activating an enlightenment process. Don’t worry enlightenment is simply a big word for feeling good, more and more of the time until you do, all the time, because you awaken to who you really are. The energy of the divine grace is what empowers you to change your life and helps you do it when you let go. As you awaken to your perfection and establish or actually re-establish that deeper connection to your feelings and the Presence within (however you define that for yourself) you start to live more from the larger, non-physical aspect of yourself rather than your constricted, limited small self, which frees you up to start living your life.

How it changes your life is that Divine Openings is a transmission of energy through your crown chakra that shatters resistance, moves stagnant energy, releases the need for outer approval and validation, blast fear and worry right out of their permanent residence in exchange for freedom. Freedom to live in the present moment more without the constant chatter of the mind about what you could have, should have or would have done in the past or will do in the future; freedom from the grip of fear, worry and anxiety stifling your and stalling your dreams and hopes. Release from being a victim and carrying old baggage and luggage filled with old hurts, disappointment, pain and judgment (isn’t that heavy lugging it around).

Can you even imagine your life without worry, fear, old hurts from the past that creep into your mind and distract you from your life now? Can you imagine taking the steps, one at a time, towards creating the life you want, and living your dreams, without the incessant mind chatter of doubt and fear? I can because that is exactly the change that Divine Openings has made in my life. The greatest freedom (change) was from fear and financial worry that had gripped me for months. I found a greater sense of worthiness and less of a need to seek the approval of others, turning instead within to the Divine for everything. I stopped complaining, stopped trying to fix things or change things or even wishing that things would change. I stopped being scared. I learned to drop my old stories of the past and gave up my future prediction in exchange for living in the present moment and creating new stories about what I really wanted in my life.

I gained a capacity for appreciation at an entirely new level. I awakened to the beauty of life always present and the flow of life carrying me toward my desires with each letting go. I awakened to the truth of who I AM on the planet in a more conscious way which all added up to BIG changes in my reality. Increased happiness, peace, fulfillment and joy became the landscape of my inner world life. This isn’t to say everything was or does go the way I want, by any means – although way more than it use to. It is to say that not having everything the way I want, no longer prevents me from experiencing happiness, joy, peace and fulfillment.

Waiting for everything to line up, everyone to be the way I want them to be and to have all my ducks in a row first, is no longer the pre-requisite for my peace of mind and joy. As I focused on “being” happy, in joy, and appreciating the life I have, my life changes to match my vibration. What is interesting is that it is all without effort. These are just some of the shifts Divine Openings created and how my life was changed and how your life can change too.

Color Crystal Divination – Tapping Into the Energy of the Earth

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Crystals have been used as a tool for divination as far back as the times of the Ancient Druids. Many believe crystals contain the energy of the earth and, by tapping into the energy of crystals, one can experience healing, emotional shifts and psychic awareness. In color crystal divination, crystals can be used to influence or shift one’s energy, and in many cases, color crystal divination can shift the outcomes of one’s current or future situations.

Crystals come in various sizes, shapes and colors. It is believed that these differing factors determine each crystal’s unique vibration of energy. For many, this energy can be felt or accessed through mediation or shifts in consciousness. In color crystal readings, it is believed that one can tap into different types of energy by working with specific colors.

Color crystal divination is not unlike candle divination. Each colored crystal has its own unique meaning. The most important element in crystal divination is choosing crystals that resonate with you. In crystal divination, it’s always important to work with colors that have strong associations to your current life circumstances. For example, if you are having issues with your relationship, you would work with red colored crystals such as garnet or red agate.

Below I have listed the primary colors utilized in color candle divination. When working with color crystal divination, it’s always important to make sure you wash your crystals under running water before you work with them. Not only does it cleanse any negative energy, it also helps the flow and release of the crystal’s vibrations.

White: New beginnings, ventures, and projects. White colored crystals are extremely effective at encouraging change or helping you identify important decisions. White is the color of purity and can also help with spiritual or emotional cleansing.

Black: Endings, sorrow, and grief. Black is the color of letting go. It is a color that encourages acceptance and inner transformation. Black can also be a color of completion or finished business.

Brown: Brown is the color of earth. Due to its association to earth, brown relates to all things that occur within the physical realm: money, home, and security.

Pink: Friendships, family, and reconciliations. Pink is the color of patience, sensitivity and empathy. In color crystal divination, pink helps to bring opposites together and encourages neutrality and peace.

Red: Passion, Fertility, Love, and Romance. Red can also be utilized for courage and the willingness to face one’s fears. In crystal divination, red can also be used to help one assert them selves in a positive way.

Orange: Happiness, balance and independence. In color crystal divination, orange can help encourage inner balance and harmony. It also can help with self esteem and self-confidence.
Yellow: Communication, self-expression and clarity. Yellow also relates to the use of one’s logic and reasoning abilities.

Green: Emotions and feelings. In color crystal divination, the color green helps you get in touch with your true feelings.

Blue: Healing, Justice, and equality. Blue can be used for matters in which there has been some injustice. Blue represents fairness and equilibrium. It can also be used for healing the physical body.

Purple: Psychic Intuition, psychic development and wisdom. Purple can also help one get in touch with the unconscious and aid one in matters that concern sleep or dreams.

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