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Divination Chart – How to Create and Use a Divination Chart

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many forms of divination use guides, charts, or other reference materials. Because the scope of divination is broad, and interpretations have various meanings, a divination chart is a necessity for most readers and mediums. Tarot incorporates meticulous charts to explain the meanings of the cards. The I Ching is a chart of possible solutions. Another form of divination chart is used by astrologers to asses characteristics influenced by heavenly bodies. Numerology employs a divination chart to reference the mystical messages contained within numbers. Without the use of a particular divination chart, many mystical tools would be of little use, and accuracy would suffer greatly.

When laying out a spread for a querent, the reader will often consult a divination chart, of sorts. This reference contains the meanings of the cards, and how they relate to each other. Using a guide allows the reader to be accurate, and ensures proper interpretation of the layout. Without something to refer to, there is a high likelihood that the reading will be misunderstood, or that a temporary confusion of meanings ruins the truth that has been sought. Successful readings depend on proper materials.

When an astrologer is contacted to perform a reading, they use a divination chart to consult the stars. Once the information related to the client has been gathered, another form of divination chart is created, which holds the possible futures indicated when the different sun signs have been calculated for their individual influences on the person. While the average person thinks of astrology as their daily horoscope, a true reading could result in many pages of detailed information concerning conflicts and events that are forecast by psychic and cosmic forces. Not only is the person’s zodiac sign assessed, but so are the many and complex variations which are caused by the influence of the other signs. There are Houses, Cusps, and ascending and descending influences, and sun and moon signs to be reconciled. If the reading involves more than one person directly, this information has to be compiled for each individual, until a chart of possible destinies becomes clear. Far from the daily version of a fortune cookie, astrology has been used for purposes of deciding the future for thousands of years, and is still consulted today, by political figures and business leaders.