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Divine Openings – Change Your Life

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Imagine freedom from worry, fear and doubt. Imagine a life of joy, with less mind chatter and stories running about the past or predictions about the future? Imagine being at peace in each moment and consciously manifesting what you really do want in your life? It’s all possible now, through Divine Openings.

One year ago I had the pleasure to spend five days in communion with the Divine, Presence, within, in silence, talking to and being with God only. What unfolded for me was a release of old baggage, old hurts, feelings of being a victim and more than was apparent until some months later. I began to feel my feelings to a far greater degree than I had in some time. It all started with the purchase of the book, “Things Are Going Great in My Absence, How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting, by Lola Jones.” The book cautioned to go slowly as it could bring about profound shifts in your life as well as the pictures in it were infused with divine energy. I didn’t believe this to be true; that a book could have such an impact or that pictures could be infused with energy that is until I experienced my first divine opening from the first and subsequent pictures.

The experience of Divine Grace offered by receiving a Divine Opening was profound but I’m getting ahead of myself. When I was told about the book, I was at the point of recreating my life having ended a long term relationship and closed the chapter on a 12 year business. My inner world landscape was in transition as I was letting go of experiences and people that I no longer shared a common interest with and thus my outer world was the evidence of this transition, i.e. new home, new ways of interacting, and a new life unfolding. My attention was directed towards healing and getting to know myself better while asking within for a new way of being on the planet as a speaker, spiritual teacher and life coach. When I received the email about the book and purchased it, I knew in reading the sample chapters, I had received my answer. The teachings were the same I had taught for twelve years and brought to mind the teachings of Esther who channels Abraham and the Law of Attraction but with a super charged energy (Divine Openings) which, from the start, changes your life.

The energy of divine grace flows through your entire being, to your cells, molecules, your DNA, your brain and begins to create an energetic shift activating an enlightenment process. Don’t worry enlightenment is simply a big word for feeling good, more and more of the time until you do, all the time, because you awaken to who you really are. The energy of the divine grace is what empowers you to change your life and helps you do it when you let go. As you awaken to your perfection and establish or actually re-establish that deeper connection to your feelings and the Presence within (however you define that for yourself) you start to live more from the larger, non-physical aspect of yourself rather than your constricted, limited small self, which frees you up to start living your life.

How it changes your life is that Divine Openings is a transmission of energy through your crown chakra that shatters resistance, moves stagnant energy, releases the need for outer approval and validation, blast fear and worry right out of their permanent residence in exchange for freedom. Freedom to live in the present moment more without the constant chatter of the mind about what you could have, should have or would have done in the past or will do in the future; freedom from the grip of fear, worry and anxiety stifling your and stalling your dreams and hopes. Release from being a victim and carrying old baggage and luggage filled with old hurts, disappointment, pain and judgment (isn’t that heavy lugging it around).

Can you even imagine your life without worry, fear, old hurts from the past that creep into your mind and distract you from your life now? Can you imagine taking the steps, one at a time, towards creating the life you want, and living your dreams, without the incessant mind chatter of doubt and fear? I can because that is exactly the change that Divine Openings has made in my life. The greatest freedom (change) was from fear and financial worry that had gripped me for months. I found a greater sense of worthiness and less of a need to seek the approval of others, turning instead within to the Divine for everything. I stopped complaining, stopped trying to fix things or change things or even wishing that things would change. I stopped being scared. I learned to drop my old stories of the past and gave up my future prediction in exchange for living in the present moment and creating new stories about what I really wanted in my life.

I gained a capacity for appreciation at an entirely new level. I awakened to the beauty of life always present and the flow of life carrying me toward my desires with each letting go. I awakened to the truth of who I AM on the planet in a more conscious way which all added up to BIG changes in my reality. Increased happiness, peace, fulfillment and joy became the landscape of my inner world life. This isn’t to say everything was or does go the way I want, by any means – although way more than it use to. It is to say that not having everything the way I want, no longer prevents me from experiencing happiness, joy, peace and fulfillment.

Waiting for everything to line up, everyone to be the way I want them to be and to have all my ducks in a row first, is no longer the pre-requisite for my peace of mind and joy. As I focused on “being” happy, in joy, and appreciating the life I have, my life changes to match my vibration. What is interesting is that it is all without effort. These are just some of the shifts Divine Openings created and how my life was changed and how your life can change too.