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Divine Openings – Your Ticket to Freedom and Success

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Do you ever feel like you are repeating the same old “story” over and over but not getting to that happy ending? Are you rehearsing that old worn out script, telling anyone who will listen what a difficult time you’re having, always hoping for a solution? Or is your story more like, “I’ve been seeking and working on myself for ever and ever, and I’m still not there!”

With Divine Openings it’s as if the script gets rewritten by an Academy Award Winning screenwriter, the way you want it. It’s the end of the old story, the old reality, and you actually enter a “new dimension” that is completely different from the rules of the old “ordinary reality” you used to live by. Entering this new dimension is “the end of the world” and the “ascension” that so many prophets have spoken of. It’s not that the world blows up. It’s that those people who learn how to shift their vibration simply lift out of that dimension, and the old world is literally “gone”. The prophets of old could only interpret that as “the world is destroyed”, but it doesn’t have to be that violent for those who leave the old dimension behind instead of trying to cling to it. Now, if you cling to it, well, that could be rough.

After you experience a Divine Opening, The Divine Presence in you takes over and does the heavy lifting for you. Your struggles diminish and your life changes with little effort. Life begins to unfold in a whole new way. You soon won’t even remember your old story, much less want to tell it! Your new world will be so fresh and inviting, you’ll be too busy having a great life to talk about the past.

Divine Grace assists you during the whole process. Your only job is to play with the many tools of Divine Openings to retrain your conscious mind to get out of the way, and stay out of the way. Your Large Self takes over, and your small, limited self takes a back seat, and stops sabotaging you.

The best thing about Divine Openings is it is not about work, this is the end of fixing your self. You are not broken and you never were!

If life is not how you want it, you are just in resistance of receiving and don’t even realize it. Your life will become all about letting go and letting it in. Once you experience your new, higher vibration, you will want more of that, because it feels so good.

Divine Openings Givers can give the gift of Grace in person or long distance on the phone. With The Divine there are no barriers in space and time. It’s probably more powerful than anything you’ve even experienced, and you quickly discover through everyday life experience that it’s real. It frees you to take a quantum leap in spiritual growth, and it has immediate practical effects on your health, relationships, work, finances, and your thoughts and feelings.

The mechanism of Divine Openings is incredibly and elegantly simple. Any Divine Openings Giver or I serve as a conduit that allows you to receive Divine Grace. This can be done by phone or in person.

We’ll talk to get the energy moving, and to address some of your issues. But this serves to keep your conscious mind engaged while the Divine does the heavy lifting for you.

If you see me in person I put my hands on your head for a couple of minutes. It opens your crown chakra wide, and Grace floods your entire being. You will feel it. The crown chakra is located on top of your head – it’s your “portal to the Divine”. Before Divine Openings, that Grace was always trying to flow to you, but depending on how open your crown is, only so much of it can get in.

Want to know how much Grace you’re letting in now? It’s easy – just look at your life.

If you want to allow your life to flow with ease and Grace, Divine Openings are your ticket to freedom and success. Contact Becky to experience Divine Openings for yourself.