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Introduction to Chinese Divination

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Divination has long been used in Imperial China whereby the Chinese Emperor enagaged the help of royal diviner to make prediction on the outcome of battles, natural disaster or any other major events. Divination skills such as the famed Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren, Yijing etc used the transformation of yin and yang together with the five elements to study event in term of space and time analysis.

With the analysis, it is then possible for the diviner to plan ahead and find out the best way to handle a situation so that one can attain the most favourable possible outcome. In this way, it helps to lessen anxiety and prepare the mind for any major setback. For example, a businessman unsure of whether he should import a new set of goods can seek divination help. Divination can address this difficulty by predicting the outcome of the business venture, whether the businessman will make money from the import, whether the goods will arrive safety or even to know whether the supplier is serious about the business.

How then should we consult a diviner? In most Yijing books, it is expected that one ask questions in specific ways with a time frame attached. For example, one can ask,

‘What is the outcome if I import this set of goods this month?’
‘What is the outcome if I propose to my girlfriend this evening?’
‘I went for a job interview last Saturday. Can I know the outcome of the interview?’

One cannot ask questions that lead to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer
‘Is it good if I import the set of goods’
‘Will my girlfriend says Yes to my marriage proposal?’

In divination, it is possible to ask any question as long as the question is framed properly. We need to also determine the time frame as distance future is harder to predict due to ‘butterfly effect’. Whatever happens now affect the future greatly. It must be remembered that a diviner is no immortal. It is important that the asker relates to the diviner as much information regarding the particular event so that the diviner can make the best possible interpretation.