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Jigsaw Puzzle of Divine Business

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

There had been a time in history when there were no differences amongst us. In the Jigsaw Puzzle of Adam and Eve, all pieces were supportive & cooperative. There were (in abundance), peace, mutual respect and harmony all around. In those blessed moments, the children of Adam & Eve had common thoughts of progress and prosperity. Desires were simple, fair and transparent. Dreams were not so complicated and their interpretation never caused any terrible anarchy. The Divine Jigsaw Puzzle was in its pure and absolute shape.

The Devilish Forces, however, were keenly observing The Trees of Unity. At last, like a TROJAN, they captivated the hard disk of ‘Human Intellect’. That intrusion caused ‘A Destructive Disturbance’. As a result, the Divine Jigsaw Puzzle started transforming into Highly Scattered Shape. That Chaos in the Software of Nobility, Brotherhood & Kindness echoed Worst Noises of disputes, battles and wars. Desires & Dreams were developed as Destructive Divisions. Witnessing all that chaos and panic, the Divine System activated the very first Human Firewall against all those Trojans, worms & viruses.

The Noah’s Ark

The Noah’s Ark, as per the historians, proved to be ‘A Marvelous Effort to Connect the Pieces’ of big divine jigsaw puzzle of mankind. First time in the known history, someone tried to Scan the Hard Drives for Expected Threats. All threats except the Big One were dealt with extra nobility. Literally speaking, this is how the real Jigsaw Puzzle enters The Zones of Differences.

One after the other, Prophets kept on trying to Guide the best way to get re-connected. They tried to put the pieces back to their original places. They did their best. The hostile elements kept on creating confusions. The game, which started long time ago, is still ON.

Keeping in view the widespread tools of modern technology and especially when A Big Full Stop had been put to end the Sentence of Prophet hood, all the pieces of Divine Jigsaw Puzzle are Under Threat. For me the term ‘Global Village’ is like ‘Global Puzzle’. We all are mere pieces- scattered, divided and disconnected. We need to understand the Sacred Importance of being connected and United. This is how we can ensure Global Peace and Unity.

In the very first decade of 21st century, a great number of platforms are actively involved in rendering Great Social Services. However, all the efforts being made are in shape of Individual Pieces. We need to be on one ‘Noah’s Ark’ once again. Let’s build the one. At present, when The World is Just at a Click’s Distance, the scattered pieces are looking forward to have helping hands.

Social Networking Websites are rays of hope

Let us be the ONE of helping hands to connect scattered pieces. For this, in my point of view, social networking has become ‘a hope’.

No matter what color, shape or size you are of, let us be in the Adam & Eve’s Puzzle at our appropriate places. Let us avoid forgetting OUR RIGHT PLACE in The Puzzle. Remember! We all are pieces of One Big Divine Puzzle. The beauty lies in Global Unity. Unless we are united in true letter & spirit, the Devilish Forces shall keep on Intruding like ever. All our dreams of global unity could come true if we all try to be in the puzzle where we are supposed to be. We need to believe that Honesty Rules the World. Let us, also, think about indulging ourselves in this ‘divine business’. You can witness all that is going on at Facebook, Twitter, Friends feed etc. All pieces are getting closer:

What if religions are different?
What if colors & cultures are different?
What if foods & drinks are different?
What if accents & languages are different?

WE all are Pieces of One Big Human Race Puzzle. All we need to do is to find out our right place. This is what we all need. This is what The Divine System whispers to all Souls. This is what we are experiencing at Social Networking websites. This human jigsaw puzzle needs closeness more than ever. Let us take full advantage of social connectivity.

Let us say ‘Amen’ to all Divine Voices.