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Divine Providence in 2011

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Back when I was a kid in the 70’s there was a neighborhood pal of mine who’s name was Ed Przybylski. I always knew Ed would amount to someone or someone
successful because he always saved money and because he invited me to church. We talked about saving money and Ed taught me to truly value a dollar. We were complete opposites. Money just flowed through my hands and I lived like there was no tomorrow.

Fast forward a few years and again divine providence stepped in. I was led to work in different parts of the country, like West Palm Beach, Sunny So Cal
and really all over the nation. I met my wife, Nicole in California and we started some home based businesses. When the Economy went down we moved to Washington State to build a life there. We did well and started going to church. Life was expanding and I had thought about good old Ed for a while at different times through the years. He led me to my faith the first time and now we were living our life faith based. The only problem was that although we were living in a great neighborhood and had good jobs, we knew that economic times could change things in a heartbeat. We thought about running a business from home.

Divine Providence or Coincidence? Ed became a friend on Facebook. He had his picture up with Mike Dillard. I knew who Mike Dillard was from the time
we were marketing in California. Well some time passed and we started researching businesses again and we asked ourselves, do we want to sell lotions, or vitamins or skin care? Not this round although there are some really good companies out there this was not the route for us in this economy. We looked into gold and silver and met L.R. Hand who was working with a guy named David Wood. We joined a company called Numis and then the VERY next day Ed sent us a link he thought we might be interested in. It was Mike Dillard and we asked him to look at our business. Guess what? He was already on our team.

Divine Providence once again stepped in. We started chatting with Ed and we joined a marketing system that helped us market online quickly. All of the training we did before helped but this allowed us to put our business on steroids and supercharge our marketing online. We worked with ED, L.R. and studied from the pro’s. My wife’s mom used to say divine providence stepped in and she was right. With 6.5 almost 7 billion people on this planet and to believe that mere coincidence or luck caused our paths to meet has odds that are astronomical at best. We look forward to building our business and exploding our business with the mentors that God sent our way!

Partakers of The Divine Nature

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We are partakers of His divine nature! I am still dizzy, just thinking of the implications of these words from Peter in 2 Peter 1. I cannot stop thinking of How God’s grace towards us is unlimited, and how His love surpasses all human understanding.

Let us think about this for a moment. God, The divine, everlasting, timeless immutable infinite, eternal, creator, the maker of all things, the maker of the Billions of galaxies in the heavens, with billions of suns, some of which are of unimaginable size, the maker of every simple cell there is in this vast universe; the one who made me, in His own image. He has seated me, in the spirit, with His Majestic son, as co-equal with Him, in the heavenly places, with an eternal foothold in heaven, and as co-heir of His kingdom.

And as if this much was not enough, He is sharing with me, in the present tense, meaning right now, He is sharing with me, partaking with me, of His divinity. This is mind boggling, I mean, this is amazing. I certainly cannot wrap my pea size brain around the magnitude of this statement. Let alone absorb it.

This is something we need to digest slowly, we really need to chew on it for hours, salivate it slowly before we even attempt to swallow.

Look at the whole statement. 2 Peter 1:4 by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire.

The statement start with ‘By which’. By which what? The previous verse tells us that His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence,

This ‘by which’ in verse 4, is referring to God’s glory and excellence. What he is saying specifically, is that God has called us to His glory and excellence. God, our Magnificent father, has called us to His glory and to His excellence; how much more can we ask for, He is saying, here is my glory, and all of my excellence, come and share it with me, come and take your portion, for it is a delight to me to make you partaker of it, because I want you to delight in it, to live in a blitz with it, to enjoy it with me always.

This is really something which every Christian must, as in life or death must, understand with perfect clarity, if he or she is to live a glorious Christian life, if he is to rejoice in the Lord always, and steer clear of all the bombardments of Satan and the world.

But let us look at the whole package carefully, so that we get this right. In the opening statement of this letter, Peter is addressing ‘those who have obtained a faith of equal standing with ours by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ’ in other words, he is addressing this letter to all of us, to all, who one time or another, past, present and future, have been given, by grace, through faith, a right standing with God. And peter says, those who have obtained a faith of equal standing with ours; in other words he makes no difference between him and all others who have professed Christ as Lord and savior. And so he states our equal standing before God.

Then he moves on to establish what great blessings we possess, and what divine power has God given us through the Spirit. He tells us that through knowing God, through embracing the power the Spirit has given us, and through pouring ourselves out on to him, through delighting in Him in the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s divine power has granted us all things which pertain to life and godliness. He has made available to us, for our taking, everything we need, every tool, every condition, every knowledge, every opportunity required, for us to live a life of delight, a life of Joy, and a life of godliness. And He has done this, so that we can be equipped to partake of His divine nature, to enjoy His glory, to delight every day in His presence.

So, in other words, He call us to his glory and excellence and then gives us the tools we need to live a holy life, a life of goodness, in order that we can receive all of His precious and very great promises. All of them, every single promise He has ever made to us has already been granted to us, all we need to do is to receive them, yet in order to receive them we must, of necessity, utilize all the tools, all the understanding, all the knowledge, all we need, which He has given us to live a godly life.

Because; all of these promises, are not only an incredible bundle of blessings and blitz on their own, but they also allow us to become partakers of the divine nature.

Let me be sure you got that, once His promises are embraced by us, and we are delighting in them, these promises come with an additional blessing, a bonus, if you will, they grant us an opportunity, they put us in a position to become partakers of God’s divine nature.

Imagine it like this,

You go to a party, where the host is Jesus, but, for starters, you cannot get in without an invitation, that’s verse 1. Then at the door you are given a booklet, with a full biography of the host, and they tell you, you can get in if you want, but you can only stand in a corner of the house, with all the uneducated and lazy, and religious people who are only allowed to look from afar. Or you can go sit under a tree and memorize the content of this booklet, until you know the host deeply, the good thing is, the host will come out and read it with you, and he will explain it to you in detail, while you are getting acquainted with each other. By the time you memorize the booklet, you and Him will be best buddies. And He is going to share with you everything, even His inheritance

Then you come in to the party with full knowledge of the host, you are welcomed as His close friend, and you get to mingle with all the important people, and to eat of every fancy dish in the tables, and to hang out with the host and his closest family and friends, and when the party is over, you will already have experienced the life which He will grant you when he ask you to come and live in His house, forever.

Now, those lazy people, those who were too busy to get to know the host, some of them will be brought to His house, through the back door, and they get to live there, but they cannot leave the kitchen area where they’ll do the dishes and peel the potatoes and take the trash out. Others will realize, too late that they weren’t really invited, and so they will be thrown out of the party.

Which one would you rather be?

God is inviting you to be blessed, truly blessed, take the offer, while there’s still time.

José A. Luna

A Servant of Christ Jesus


The Secret And Divine Will

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You have by now had your e-mail box bombarded and overflowing with information and offers of literature for sale on,’The Secret’. If you watch afternoon television you have seen wealthy celebrities taunt claims about ‘The Secret’. I must say for the record that I have no animosity towards any one selling any information of any kind including ‘The Secret’ and/or to any of the so-called ‘guru’s’ or ‘life coaches’. I am not a unsatisfied customer. I am not a person with an axe to grind. I don’t wish anyone anything less than the very best! I did not purchase any of ‘The Secrets’ literature and/or video’s and I haven’t read all that is available on the subject. However, the understanding I have is that we humans have a choice of two very different methods to receiving the things we wish for, choose either ‘The Secrets’ way or the will of God (Divine Will).

‘The Secret’ and it’s promoters would want you to believe that Divine will and positive thinking within the realm of the laws of attraction are all one big topic. I want you to see that there is not one but rather two very different issues at hand here and they need to remain separate rather than mixed and confused into one of the same for the sake of a few sales. This conflict of issues isn’t and shouldn’t be an argument of whether we should or should not have dreams and aspirations.

No, it is good and essential for man to have hope and wishes,the difference comes in, in how they are either achieved or granted. ‘The secret’, it’s leaders, along with all the life-coaches would instruct you in their way of thinking of how to wish for something and then they would want you to believe that you then receive it. Now as to their claims of ‘wisdom of the ages’, I must say I don’t see it at all. All I see is ‘positive thinking’ rolled up with a different but attractive wrapper. However, they explain in much greater details about the ‘law of attraction’,as some sort of secret wisdom and a vehicle to achieved wishes.

On the otherhand, or the other path, we have God’s will for us His children. The will of the Divine isn’t always known or completely understood by us at any moment. The Divine will doesn’t rely on us in any way, it never has and never will. We don’t receive more or less good things from God based on our understandings! We children of God, Christians, are taught that we should always end every wish and hope with the phrase,”not my will but rather Your will be done Father”. Jesus,the Son of God, instructed us and demonstrated this proper way to ask the Father and it is always to be within the ‘ not my will but Your will be done Father’ framework. Christians believe firmly in a good heavenly Father who created the universe and all things. We also believe that He wishes only good and wonderful things for his children. Therefore we make our wishes known to Him but only within the proper framework. We believe God’s will to be the ultimate good for us and

His creation so we patiently wait for His good will to be done in our lives, when He wishes and on His timeline. Many times, many of us have had wishes, that we wanted (we thought we needed) so badly that we literally begged God to grant; however,He did not and when we look back in retrospect a few years down the road, we are more than glad and truly thankful that God didn’t grant that plead. Many times our wishes are fleeting and momentary. Thankfully, Gods understands this and understands how we think and He takes this all into account with what would be best not only for the wisher but also for the rest of His creation.

The other concept of receiving whatever one wish for,’The Secret’,is interesting and even very seductive, but not very promising though because it leaves out Divine Will and wishes within the proper framework. Worst yet, is that it mix one’s wishes and the Divine will into one force and puts our wishes and desires above the Divine’s. However, one must understand that because ‘The Secret’s’ promoters truly believe themselves to be spiritual, not religious, that they therefore, are not at odds with Divine Will.

‘The Secrets’ promoters mix Divine will with what they refer to as the ‘Laws of nature’. However, the laws of nature are not at odds with or combined with the Divine will. Rather the Divine will uses the laws as a means of fulfilling Divine will. I’m sure you know the difference and can now see the difference or two paths I refer to. No matter how small or insignificant the shift in the systematics or how clever the marketing can be, the real difference comes in, of who’s will be ultimately done! An additional point is that I would of thought that the most secret of secret information of the ages, positively thinking within the boundaries of natural law, would have sold for a bit more than $49.95 (but only for a limited time)! I didn’t realize it was first for sale, not to mention for so cheap of an introductory price! Forgive me for being sarcastic however, I fear that ‘The Secret’, no matter how noble it’s intentions and no matter how clever it’s marketing, it is flawed and nothing more than hype and sales gimmick about a shortcut or an alternative path around Divine will.

No matter how fancy you make the opening flash introduction webpage and no matter how much you mix things up – hype is hype! Sales are sales! I am in the information for sale business also. I don’t take issue with someone attempting to make a living. I don’t have an issue with ‘The Secrets’ offer; I have issue with the fact it seems to me that a lot of people are going to be tricked into believing ‘The Secrets’ story of some ancient manuscript of secrets of secrets, banned by the Church, passed down through the centuries,and now is on sale for only $49.95 or there abouts! A wrong and/or flawed idea or point is always wrong regardless of how clever the marketing and/or how low the introductory price.

If after all I have said on the subject, you still find yourself wondering what the day will be like when you finally open and discover ‘The Secrets’ darkest most secret of secrets, wisdom of the ages, and a quick shortcut around Divine will to receiving whatever you wish for, I must say stop! You need to believe and understand that you already have everything given to you by God that you need to make your life the way you wish. Begin doing and God will always supply whatever you are in need of. Remember, you are a child of a loving heavenly Father who created the entire universe with all that it has to offer along with the Divine’s wishes for only the best of the best for you. Why would anyone want to shortcut this?

What really floors me is that there are those who would say that they do not under any condition believe in a God or a Higher Power, however they do believe in ‘The Secret’ and it’s ancient secret wisdom of the ages, once banned by the Church and past down through the ages by secret groups! Don’t allow the fact that there are unknown tips and tricks for every subject and topic and every profession to fool you. A master builder has their set of tips and insider information just as the President of any major international company. However, these tips and inside information could hardly pass as ‘ancient words of wisdom’ or ‘The Secret of Ages’! Keeping that point in mind and keeping the two methods separate will not lead you down the path of money spent looking for something that really isn’t there or for an elusive secret.The biggest secret of all time is that there are no secrets.

You already have all that is needed to achieve what you would like in this world PLUS a loving heavenly Father who wishes only the best for you now and for all ways. Begin doing at once and be thankful!