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Yielding to Divine Strength – Forsaking Your Own

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Yielding to divine strength is the ultimate spiritual antidote for overcoming both spiritual and personal failure in our lives and affairs. Divine strength is none other than God operating through the consciousness of man. Through divine strength, a believer has absolute power and control over the kingdom of darkness. No impossibilities exist in God. All good things gravitate toward him. If a believer’s life is constantly plagued with lack and limitation, depression, poverty and anguish, he is certainly not operating in the power of God.

Divine strength attracts the spiritual and natural resources necessary to thrive in this present life. God intended for each believer to experience an abundant life here on earth. The abundant life consists of joy, peace and a sense of being unstoppable in executed the plan of God for our lives. Walking in divine strength enhances our circle of influence in whatever territory we enter. Therefore, when we forsake our own strength for that of God, we change. No longer will disappointment and depression overcome us. No longer will sickness, diseases and other threatening conditions intimidate us. The kingdom of darkness is no match for those who walk in divine strength.

Walking in God’s strength requires releasing our intellect as well as our religious habits and routines of just going through the motions. Acquiring divine strength takes sincerity, commitment and diligence. Our own intellect gets in the way of God’s plan for our lives time and time again. We attempt to figure out how God will work out conditions in our lives when we see no way out ourselves. Sometimes we even attempt to help God out, but often find failure lurking behind the corner. The fact is that the strength of God goes beyond reason or intellect. Instead, such strength is demonstrated in faith. We must believe that God can execute His will through us if we allow Him. And if we don’t allow him, we will not experience divine strength.

Releasing our religious habits and routines means going beyond the process of churching. Churching includes the routine of faithfully attending church multiple times during the week and forever participating in every program and function inspired by the spiritual officials in the church. Millions of believers follow these habits and routines but never seem able be to walk in the divine strength when adversity strikes their spiritual and personal lives. Instead they fall into fear, depression or anger toward God for allowing this to happen to them. Many believers think because of their avid church attendance and participation that are immune from lack and limitation, fear, depression, sickness and diseases and other tribulations that torment man.

However, believers must understand that the habit of churching cannot replace the activity of walking in divine strength. Only the strength of God can alleviate poverty, fear and limitations. Excessive churching interferes with developing divine strength. Time and patience in a quiet environment is required to development God’s power. In silence, God’s strength enlarges within us day after day, releasing the beauty of God within our surroundings.

In order to obtain God’s strength we must submit ourselves totally to God by means of prayer, meditation in scripture, and a never ending gratitude. Also we must believe all things are possible without reservation. If we refuse the consciousness that the Christ within us is beyond impossibilities, we cannot acquire the divine power needed to overcome the kingdom of darkness that attempts to wreck our lives and affairs. Prayer empowers us with God’s strength, the more we pray the more His strength is enhanced within us. The Apostles and prophets of old prayed with such depth and conviction that miraculous events became natural occurrences. The sick were healed, the captives were delivered and the dead were raised. No entrapment could contain these powerful men of God because of fervent prayer. Deep, continuous prayer unleashes the power and might of God into our personal atmosphere, causing transformation in every area of our lives, including relationships, finances, businesses as well as decision making and attitude.

Meditation builds the wisdom and knowledge of God within our consciousness. When our consciousness is imbued with the wisdom and knowledge of God we become unstoppable because we are aware of the truth. The kingdom of darkness can no longer deceive us. We become free in our hearts, souls and mind. We operate in the strength of God. The deep knowledge and wisdom of God penetrates of the walls of the dark kingdom. This occurs because spiritual consciousness is the eyes of God and His eyes uncover the deceptions and activities of Satan and his demonic host operating within our lives. Therefore we are able to best him by overcoming his plan an attacks.

We must forsake our own strength if we are serious about being a major cause in the kingdom of God. Operating in our own strength is a curse, leading to spiritual failure, joyless existence, and continuous torment from the kingdom of darkness. Above all, we will fail to please God. So considering such unfortunate events, we must strive to acquire God’s divine strength in all areas of our lives. If we do, one thing is guaranteed: We will not be disappointed.

3 Enlightening Ways to Achieve Authentic Business Success From The Inside Out

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Why some entrepreneurs attract business success while others only struggle? This week, I’d like to share with you 3 enlightening ways to achieve authentic business success from the inside out. You will learn 3 simple steps, yet very powerful and effective to attract and achieve as much authentic business success as you desire.

Enlightening Way #1: Be 100% committed to achieving authentic business success on your own terms, no matter what!

The transformational truth is when you are fully committed to being, doing and having all you most want, desire and dream of both professionally and personally you do whatever it takes no matter what. You are SO committed to sharing your passion, living your purpose and creating a thriving business doing what you love that you become unstoppable! And this empowering attitude is what separates those entrepreneurs who are thriving from those who are still surviving.

Here’s how you know if you have this attitude and agree. Answer this question: “Are you interested in building a thriving business doing what you love or are you committed to building a thriving business doing what you love?”

If you’re interested, you’re going to give all the excuses, you’re going to do what’s convenient for you, and you’ll come up with all of the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t. However, if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes, whatever it’s necessary to achieve authentic business success on your own terms and you’ll not give any excuses, any reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t. And most important, you will adopt a fully-committed-no-matter-what approach.

Why? Because when you’re interested, you do what’s convenient, what’s comfortable, what’s safe for you, but when you’re committed, you take not only small simple steps but also quantum leaps forward in your business and life. You DO whatever it takes no matter what. So be 100% committed to achieving authentic business success on your own terms no matter what and start to share your passion, live your purpose and truly thrive today.

Enlightening Way #2: Think, Believe, Apply the Law of G.A.D.I. and Achieve.

Yes, that’s a very powerful enlightening way and attitude to live by, indeed. Think, believe, apply the Law of G.A.D.I. – Go And Do It! – and Achieve authentic business success on your own terms.

Let me share with you a big learning point about The Law of Attraction, and it’s one of the challenges many entrepreneurs have with the movie The Secret. In The Secret it says, “Think, believe and achieve.”

That’s not totally complete. So let’s complete it fully by taking a step further and going beyond the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction does work. However, it absolutely works with another Law called The Law of G.A.D.I. (Go And Do It!), and those two laws together are going to empower you to manifest your desired results and then achieve authentic business success from the inside out and outside in. I created The Law of G.A.D.I. (Go And Do It!) as an enlightening way of applying the Universal principle of taking action! icon smile 3 Enlightening Ways to Achieve Authentic Business Success From The Inside Out

Now, seriously not only think and believe, go and do it; and do the things that are true, genuine and authentic for you when you feel inspired, empowered and enlightened to be doing them in the order that they’re going to easily and quickly help you achieve authentic business success on your own way. Think, Believe, Go And Do It, and Achieve!

Enlightening Way #3: Stand on the Shoulders of Divinely Guided Giants.

Stand on the shoulders of Divinely guided giants. Yes, let this sink into your heart and soul. When you apply what other enlightened entrepreneurs: coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders, and experts have done successfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You are standing on the shoulders of Divinely guided giants.

Here’s an example of standing on the shoulders of Divinely guided giants. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, a must-have book by the way, and founder of The Science of Success. Napoleon Hill studied… many hundreds, if not thousands, of successful business people and it was over a period of twenty years worth of studying the biggest, most successful people in the world at that time. He created the Law of Success, a huge book which not only I, but also my clients, students and mentors studied, and I always come back to it to advance my learning, understanding and implementation of Success Secrets, Universal Laws, Spiritual Principles, or whatever you may call it. Each time I do that I feel that I’m standing on the shoulders of Divinely guided giants. And this is just one example.

How could you not apply what’s in there? How could you not take the right enlightening ways, attitudes, behaviours and actions that are there?

You also stand on the shoulders of Divinely guided giants when you work with coaches/mentors and learn from other successful entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, thought legendaries, luminaries and authorities in your field of study. Why? Because it’s the coaching, mentoring and mastermind experience that keep you strong and keep you moving in the right direction. They all contribute to help you keep harnessing your passion, honing your skills, unique abilities, talents and gifts as well as keep adding enlightening and empowering ways to your thinking, beliefs and behaviours so that you make paradigm shifts and have the prosperity mindset to grow, expand and evolve.

So stand on the shoulders of Divinely guided giants and achieve authentic business success from the inside out faster than you’d ever imagined. Just go and do it!

All these three enlightened ways will get you started in having the positive attitude to become who you dream of being as an inspired leader, an empowered creator and an enlightened entrepreneur so that you can share your passion, live your purpose and truly thrive doing what you love.

Authentic Business Success In Action

Embrace these 3 enlightening ways from now on. And decide to be part of those entrepreneurs who are being authentically successful. Make a commitment and decide to stop surviving and start thriving once and for all. It’s time to take decisive action. Go and do it. This is your time. This is your business. This is your life. Only YOU can do it. Allow your business, impact and income to start to thrive today!


What is Time to the Woman Business and Spiritual Leader?

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While contemplating what I would write about this week, I was reminded about how often I seem to ‘run out of time’. As any true blooded entrepreneur and a woman in service, I often ‘bite off more than I can chew” which I have heard my mother remind me of since I was a child.

Like many women, I have numerous obligations, fill multiple roles, and have projects with deadlines… all of which require the use of time… which I never seem to have enough of.

Many spiritual traditions do not believe in “time” as we know it; linear and able to be calculated, and that is a subject for a whole other article (or book!). Rather than waxing philosophical, I will inject a lighter note:

I love this story to which I believe we all might be able to relate (at least at some point in our lives).

A woodcutter, who is constantly exhausted by his frantic chopping all through the day, is afraid to stop knowing he has many obligations to fulfill. A friend comes by one day to talk with him about his exhausting work and to ask the woodcutter if he could inspect his axe.

After running his fingers up and down the blade, he advises his friend to take a few minutes to sharpen his axe; “your work will be easier and go more quickly”. To which the woodcutter replied, “I can’t… I just don’t have the time”…

How many of us have been where the woodcutter is? I have to admit that this is often a familiar scenario for me. The mind-set of the woodcutter is such that he cannot see the forest for the tree (pardon the pun). I can get so dug in to what I am doing and to what still remains to be accomplished within given time frames that I often fail to see that I have a “dull axe”… even when people point it out to me!

In order to ‘sharpen the axe’ what can I do to have more time to accomplish what I have committed to?

1. When awakening, while in that state before full consciousness, I can begin with connecting to my Deity and surrendering my day and all of its activities to Divine guidance

2. Although challenging for me who has “done so much on my own” (or so I think), I can exercise my trust muscle. Surrendering to Divine guidance requires trust.

3. Sometime before I start my work, I can engage in a spiritual practice; studying in the faith of my choosing, reading inspirational material, journaling, engaging in yoga, (or others), meditation, contemplation, prayer…

4. Throughout the day (especially when I feel stressed and under pressure), I can take a few minutes to leave my desk (or the place of my work) and intentionally return to a state of peace. 5 – 10 minutes outside in nature, relaxing with a favorite cup of brew, or playing my favorite music (how ’bout a little dancing?)

5. And let me not forget the importance of preparing for sleep… A review of the day’s accomplishments, and not what I didn’t do or that still remains to be done, in a state of gratitude for those accomplishments will develop my trust muscle. After all, this is a process!

I am sure you can think of ways that you personally might ‘sharpen your axe’.